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Sexual Health Issues If you need medical advice regarding your sexual health, ask Dr Tan. We are honored to have an In House Doctor who is here to help.

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Re: 🍀 DocDonald 🍀 Maca Tongkat Ali Height Gainer, Sexual Well Being For Men Supplemen

New testimonials for this week from Adult Discussion

Originally Posted by Kong Ba Bao View Post
Bro, here is a testimonial for you.

After reading all the reviews I decided to try DocDonald and I was glad I did. Buying the product is so hasslefree. Took the pills for a couple of weeks. A few weeks later my body felt more energetic and erection was stronger. I bought maca and tongkat ali.

Then on tue night last week, my wife thought of having some fun. Later we went drinking and my wife got tipsy and horny. On the way home she touched me and I want to fuck too. We fucked in the car. And we fucked more when we reached home. Luckily, for the supplements, i can go more rounds. Even my wife is surprised since we have not had this for a very long time.

But that's not the only thing that i felt changing in my body. After coming back from work around 7pm, i would watch YouTube, serve a little facebook and sleep. I'm too tired to do anything. But recently i start to feel more energetic at night. I could have the mental alertness to stay up and actually gave me to do some of my work which I procrastinated for months.
Originally Posted by kelvin_21t View Post
I come across DocDonald tongkat ali while seeking help for a sexual health problem. Got the all a set each and consume as per instructed. 1 tablet day, 1 tablet night. It has been 5 weeks. Promised an FR if it works well.

During sex, I felt my dick seemed to be full of blood or sperm bursting out. It gets better with each passing day. Most nights I feel more horny than usual. I need some place to release it. My girl came to my house more regularly now to fuck.

These days, Surprisingly I took longer time to cum, and more control over my climax. And made my girl cum happily too.

When we were resting, she squeezed my small bro and it erected so hard again, so I fucked her again. I feel like I have more energy mentally and physically.

This is a wonderful product that I highly recommend to any bro. My girl told me she will not forget how good I am becoming.
Originally Posted by nevi1977 View Post
I have been taking docdonald tongkat ali, maca and Panax Ginseng, all 3 for almost 2 months now. Iím quite old and my body has been quite weak all along. And the feeling after taking the pills regularly is very hard to describe. I felt younger and more energetic. During my visit to bangkok, I got confidence and picked up a 20 years old staff at the massage centre and brought her back to my hotel. She bathed me and my dick was so hard all the way! I told her to suck my dick and I could last the whole night with all the sex with her! I lasted so much longer than usual! We slept happily after the session but not long. In the middle of the night I got horny again and I fucked her hard.

The next day my friend and I went to another pub to chill out but a girl came to sit with me so I bought her a drink. She kept rubbing my inner thigh and my dick got so hard again. I brought her back to my room and fucked her twice with full of energy.

DocDonald has been too awesome, 4 fucking sessions within short hours. Highly recommend this to everyone who is looking for long term supplements that can boost your dick. Have a good time!
Originally Posted by hello406 View Post
My first testimonial. Bought 3 bottles of this a few months ago from friendly seller. He provided clear instructions for this supplement consumption. I got maca, panax ginseng and tongkat ali. all 3. for all the 3 uses that was recommended.

After taking for almost 2 months, recently, I feel more sexually active, and when i aroused my gf. My dick will be rock hard in mere minutes, and gf commented that my dick looked very dangerous!!!

Throughout the session my full erection was harder and lasted longer. No side effects for me so far, extremely good stuff here!!! Thumbs up!!!

Especially the Panax Ginseng. It helps me with my stamina and makes my mind stay alert especially during work. Usually i will feel tired and sleepy throughout the day. Now i feel more alert and i can accomplish more.
Originally Posted by tanben View Post
Im an old member and this is my first post because I found that Docdonald works for me after regular intake. I took about 1 full month before i see a difference in my strength and erection.

This is what motivated me to come out of my silence to write this FR.

Met a horny prc in a ktv. She was pretty and sexy. We had a very good time like old friends. Later she requested for a ride back home. I said ok and quickly brought her to my car and drove off. She was very touchy and said she wanted it, so I brought her to nearest hotel and we had countless sex till morning. Both of us were so exhausted for breakfast after that. Didnít know I could fuck till morning before. Amazing DocDonald!

I think all these attributes to my regular intake of Tongkat Ali and Maca. Usually I cannot last more than a round. But I can really feel the difference in terms of mental alertness even during regular days, be it working or doing house work. I don't feel tired after a long day of work.

Originally Posted by Hulk_Hogan View Post
Just got a bottle of tongkat ali and a bottle of ginseng. Can't wait to try it out

I saw the HSA cert, it's legit.

Will bump FR after a month
DocDonald, Daily Dietary Supplements For Men's Sexual Health.
Premium Tongkat Ali Extract , Maca Extract , Panax Ginseng Extract , Horny Goat Weed and Testosterone Booster.
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